Firefox Rolls Out Windows 10-Friendly Version 40, Now Protects Android Devices From Malware

Firefox Rolls Out Windows 10-Friendly Version 40, Now Protects Android Devices From Malware
MWC14 Mozilla Press Event Mozilla in Europe / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Earlier it was only Internet Explorer, then came Mozilla Firefox, and now, Google Chrome rules. After the company started losing its overall browser share, Mozilla had no other option than to stay updated and improve its browser as per the needs of time.


With a proper study of what users need in a browser, Mozilla has rolled out an improved version, or shall we say, a modern version of Firefox – Firefox 40.

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Why is Firefox 40 a modern version?

As we all know, Microsoft has launched Windows 10, a new version of its operating system. To be compatible with this new operating system, Mozilla has made Firefox touch-friendly.

Like every operating system, Android has been at high risk of getting affected by viruses. But Firefox 40 assures no malware or phishing attack on this new version.

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Key Features

Suitable for High Resolution Displays: Considering the multimedia usage of smartphones and laptops, 4K displays have become the “in” thing. Every other smartphone today is trying to offer 4K displays to users. Firefox 40 is a platform best suited for high resolution displays.

Improved Readability: The version now offers easy readability.

Gels well with Windows 10: The look of Firefox version 40 is designed in such a way that it gels well with Windows 10 looks and icons.

Updates Users: The software comes with alert system that sends timely notifications to users.

Alerts About Malicious Websites: If you accidentally stumble upon a malicious website, Firefox Version 40 will alert you, protecting your device against viruses.

Users to switch to Firefox now?

Firefox 40 has tried to offer a solution to almost all of today’s problems, especially to viruses. One of the most intelligent moves of Mozilla is making the software Windows 10-friendly. Not only that, but it has worked hard to provide users with the best of surfing experience. It it safe to say that if Google Chrome does not come up with a similar or a better version, then Firefox 40 will easily take over.