‘Finding Dory’ Official Teaser Is Out, Dory Looks For Home

‘Finding Dory’ Official Teaser Is Out, Dory Looks For Home
Dory Kuba Bożanowski / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The official teaser for “Finding Dory” is out. Dory the fish is seen exploring the underwater world. The forgetful Dory is still the same and not much change is noted on her. “Finding Dory,” the sequel of “Finding Nemo,” will be out after 13 years, but in the movie, the story only progresses for a few months.


The teaser for “Finding Dory”shows that it has become difficult for Dory to remember her identity. At times, she is lost, and her friends find it difficult to make her remember herself. New characters are introduced in the sequel to make it interesting.

The teaser is sweet and simple. The trailer does not reveal more than the title itself, but it is definitely good to see the sea creatures back. “Finding Dory” is a movie where Dory tries to find her home and identity. It starts six months after the end of “Finding Nemo.”

There are several voice artists who have made the journey remarkable. Bailey, a “misguided beluga whale” is voiced by Ty Burrell. Destiny is a “kind-hearted whale shark” played by Kaitlin Olsen. Hank is voiced by Ed O’Neill. Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, like in the first movie.

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The movie has a lot of chances to be a hit. Directed by Andrew Stanton and produced by Lindsey Collins, the movie will be in theaters in July 2016. Till then, you can check out the “Finding Dory” teaser right here.