Final Fantasy XV: Gameplay, Characters, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Final Fantasy XV: Gameplay, Characters, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far
Final Fantasy XV. Marco Verch / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Final Fantasy XV is one of the most awaited titles in the gaming industry… after Half Life 3. perhaps. Fortunately, the release date is getting nearer.


Final Fantasy XV scheduled for September 30

In the recent episode of Active Time Report, Hajime Tabata (director of Final Fantasy XV) unveiled their progress and a few eyebrow-raising details on what fans can expect from the RPG.

The video was shot in Japanese, but thanks to Dualshockers, we got our hands on the translated version. Features like the ability to climb are not available in the game. Tabata also confirmed that the game won’t be 100% open-world; however, depending on the completion of the story, the player will be allowed to explore more ground.

On the brighter side, players will be allowed to save their game at any point in the map, rather than being forced to arrive at a camp site. If you’re wondering about Noctis’ car, don’t worry; it’s apparently faster than chocobos.

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Other details like fast travel and camera rotation during boat trips are a few tweaks to improve your gaming experience. Square Enix also revealed their interest in creating a Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 bundle. However, the decision is up to Sony.

While it’s obvious that Final Fantasy XV will be hiding more details, fortunately, we get to hear more during Active Time Report’s next episode on June 13, a day before E3. While fans are confused about the developer’s decision to downgrade graphics, Square Enix is asking us to be patient till E3.

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