Final Fantasy XV E3 Day 1: Pause Mode, New Xbox One Titan Boss Battle & More!

Final Fantasy XV E3 Day 1: Pause Mode, New Xbox One Titan Boss Battle & More!
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After the Final Fantasy XV reveal during E3’s Microsoft press conference, fans were intimidated to find out the features they can expect from the game. While the short demo by Square Enix’s Mathew Kishimoto (Senior Product Marketing Manager) revealed a live battle gameplay against a gigantic Titan, fans were left wondering if they will be prepped by abilities to match the humongous enemy.


Final Fantasy XV release date on September 30 2016

According to a recent update by Kotaku, it looks like they will be. Square Enix’s Hajima Tabata showed a gameplay video during E3, assuring the FF community of the return of turn-based combat with a new Wait Mode.

Players can access the option in-game by simply going to Pause Mode and choosing if he/she would like to stay in Active or Wait mode. Surprisingly, gamers won’t have to press combination keys; rather, they can let go of the key, and the game would automatically go into Wait mode.

As mentioned in the live stream, players will be able to use the new ability as long as their “weight gauge” bar supports them. Hopefully, the bar will fill up faster. FF fans are probably familiar with turn-based combat.

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In an interview with Forbes, Tabata decided to explain the developers’ reason behind the changes in Final Fantasy XV. “First and foremost, we wanted to create a seamless world that players can explore. Therefore, it was only natural to implement a real-time action system so that players can transition seamlessly between exploration and combat.”

Final Fantasy XV will be releasing exclusively for the present-generation console. We hope to see more gameplay footage before its initial release.

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