Final Fantasy VII: Apple Users Can Now Turn Off Random Encounters

Final Fantasy VII: Apple Users Can Now Turn Off Random Encounters
Final Fantasy XIV Joshua Livingston / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Square Enix is offering Apple users a cheat that could make the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII – launched on iOS two days ago – easier than before. This option allows users to avoid subplots and mini battles and only focus on the storyline and plot of the game.


According to Wired, the iOS version of the fantasy game allows players to switch off “Random Encounters” from the settings menu. This option will switch the gameplay from its original course into a subplot which offers users only a minor opponent to compete against. Although the traditional gameplay extends the plot and offers more opportunities to level up characters, it chokes the original plot of the storyline and significantly slows down the pace of the game. There is too much deviation and, ultimately, it becomes exhausting.

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According to Modvive, this feature removes the drawback especially for users who do not want to invest hours into the gameplay but instead want to focus on the storyline.

The option of switching off random encounters was made popular by Bravely Default, which was released last year on 3DS. A Max button was also included by developers that allowed users to enhance the potential of the characters by simply a switch.

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Final Fantasy VII can be availed from the AppStore at a price of $15.99. The game is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later versions, and requires 4GB memory space. The release date for the game for Android has not been specified yet.

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