‘Final Fantasy 15’: Game Will Feature New Villain, More Details [TRAILER]

Final Fantasy 15 has a new story line. There’s a new villain. Rumors have it that this new villain will outmatch Sephiroth and Kefka. Is this true? Find out below.

It was disappointing for Final Fantasy 15 fans when they learned that the story of the game will be changed and that the female heroine Stella has been removed.


However, SquareEnix is making efforts to prove that the story of the latest installment of Final Fantasy will be much more riveting. There will be a new villain, one that will outmatch both Sephiroth and Kefka.

According to Bitbag, SquareEnix talked about the new villain during the Final Fantasy XV Active Time report at Gamescom 2015, saying that it will be the best antihero to have made its presence in the Final Fantasy universe.

New villain for “Final Fantasy 15”

“We’ve got a really got villain for Final Fantasy XV,” SquareEnix said as translated by Gematsu. “There will be a time soon where we’ll release information about this character. He’s going to top all of the previous villains.”

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Although demos and several footage have been unveiled, the date for the release of the game has still not been specified.

Director Hajime Tabata spoke about the nuances of game development.

He said that it has become increasingly difficult for him to design games as there is a wide variety of players that buy the games. While some people buy two to three games a year and the others 10 to 20 games a year, people also buy games for different reasons.

Several attributes need to be considered to ensure that each kind of player is getting a bit of what they’re looking for in the game.

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Iconic Final Fantasy villains like Sephiroth and Kefka have gathered massive popularity among their fans over the years, and it will surely be a demanding task to create something better.

Sephiroth was ranked 2nd in the top 10 most memorable villains and 3rd in the top video game characters by IGN. Kefka, on the contrary, was Kotaku’s best video game villain of all time.

Part of the story from Final Fantasy Versus 13 will be retained

SquareEnix has said that it will be retaining some of the game’s story.

“The core elements of Versus XIII’s story are still present in Final Fantasy XV—all of the things that we though [sic] were important for tragedy and calamity—but has been expanded with other elements like the focus on friendship, the bond between father and son, etc.”

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