Final Fantasy 9 On iOS And Android: Things You Should Know About The Mobile Version

Final Fantasy 9 On iOS And Android: Things You Should Know About The Mobile Version
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What's This?

Final Fantasy 9 is rolling out on iOS and Android. Do you know that the mobile version of Final Fantasy IX has brought along some new features along? To know more about the mobile version, read through the story.


Let’s begin with the new features that Final Fantasy 9 has introduced on iOS and Android. On your mobile, you will be able to shut down unwanted, random encounters. Other additional features are:

  1. In-game achievements
  2. Auto-Saving
  3. Game can be fully controlled with only the touchscreen

Final Fantasy 9 iOS and Android version also come along with its own list of cheatsheet. On the mobile version, players can avoid battles, make changes to time so that it runs faster and also hit their enemies for 9,999 harm.

Final Fantasy 9 coming to Steam as well?

Final Fantasy IX will also be coming to Steam in “Early 2016,” reported Engadget while writing about the iOS and Android release of the game. The Steam version will also cost for $17, the same price for which you will get your Final Fantasy 9 mobile version.

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Different games of Final Fantasy may also see the release of mobile versions. According to Latin Post, “Venture Beat noted that Square Enix continues to create mobile versions of the classic titles, which continue to be embraced by players.” The report further stated that “Final Fantasy Tactics” is currently the highest-ranked mobile re-release by Square Enix, followed by “Final Fantasy VI.” The availability of “FF9” can mean that the company will most likely keep producing more iterations of the hit titles as long as the fan base is maintained.

The good news is that these versions of game will also have high definitions characters and graphics of high quality. If you are planning to buy Final Fantasy 9, then make sure your have at least 8GB of free space on your mobile.