‘Final Fantasy 15’ DLC: Six Expansion Packs For Xbox One, PS4 Confirmed

‘Final Fantasy 15’ DLC: Six Expansion Packs For Xbox One, PS4 Confirmed
Final Fantasy XV. Marco Verch / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Final Fantasy 15 is set to come out on September 30 but it may not be the only thing that gamers will have to look forward to.


Square Enix will also have a Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass, which means players can get more content. The Season Pass was spotted on listing in North America and Japan PlayStation stores, hinting at more details on what the game will have to offer.

Three Final Fantasy 15 Story Modes

Expected are new modes, chapters and booster events. According to a report from Gematsu, the Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass will offer gamers three story episodes. These will likely be centered on the game’s main characters – Ignis, Gladio and Prompto.

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Three Packs Included

Aside from the story modes focused on the three protagonists, there will also be three packs included. These are the Booster Pack, Holiday Pack and Expansion Pack, which will likely be released via monthly cycle. Of the three, the Holiday Pack is likely to be out by the Holidays as the name itself suggest.

Additionally, the packs are likely to include goodies that gamers will enjoy. That includes premium items, which all the more spurs the excitement on their availability.

Pre-orders for the Final Fantasy 15 digital premium edition already kicked off and will include the game and Season Pass. The total cost for the package is $84.99, which can be checked out at the PlayStation Store.

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Alternatively, gamers who have already pre-ordered the digital version of Final Fantasy 15 can also avail of the Season Pass for only $24.99.

Final Fantasy 15 Multiplayer Mode Coming?

Aside from the packs for Final Fantasy 15, there was a curious reference made to the possible presence of Online Play. This means a PlayStation Plus account though this feature remains unconfirmed for now pending word from Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 15 is due next month with versions for the PS4 and Xbox One. There is no word yet if a PC version will be made.

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