‘Fifty Shades Darker’ News: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Affair Inevitable?

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ News: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Affair Inevitable?
Fifty Shades of Grey Mike Mozart / Flickr CC
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A “Fifty Shades Darker” affair? Is Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson falling for each other for real?


Rumors are rampant that Dornan is cheating on his wife because he’s starting to fall for his co-star as they do all those simulated sex scenes for “Fifty Shades Darker.”

While the 34-year-old actor and his wife Amelia Warner just had their second child, the rumors linking him to his leading lady appeared to be unending.

With the most recent news disclosing that the 27-year-old actress prepared a birthday surprise for him earlier this month on the “Fifty Shades Darker” set, the dating speculations have been further fueled.

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According to Daily Mail UK, the daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson filled her leading man’s van with balloons as her way of greeting him on his special day.

By doing so, this allegedly implies that the “Fifty Shades Darker” actor is indeed special in her heart.

“Happy early birthday @jamiedornan,” the former “Need for Speed” star, who will play Anastasia “Ana” Steele once again in the movie adaptation of the E.L. James novel captioned the Instagram snap of the actor with the colorful balloons.

The report further narrated that the Northern Irish actor is obviously displaying a more toned and muscular physique these days, something that has made him look even more masculine and striking. Is he trying to impress Johnson?

Meanwhile, Morning Ledger dished in its report that Dakota Johnson’s Ana and Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey have “lots of holding hands, canoodling and kissing” while filming the second installment of the movie.

Amid the fact that this might have helped in drawing more interest for “Fifty Shades Darker” even months before its 2017 release date, it could be noted that this would reportedly have an impact to his marriage, especially with the numerous love scenes that the two artists have been taping.

When it comes to how frequent the actors need to carry out steamy and sexy scenes, it can be recalled that the actress revealed it got to a point that she’s now too tired to do them. Speaking with “Interview” magazine, she said “It’s not … comfortable,” she shared. “It’s pretty tedious,” she added.

Keep posted for more “Fifty Shades Darker” news and updates!

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  • Elizabeth Ledsham Scott

    Please grow up and report proper news. This just nasty, vicious gossip. STOP IT.

    • JU JU G

      My Plus 1 on your Comment Is Times A Freaking Million

  • JU JU G

    If someone films or takes a picture that is due to filming or practicing to study their lines everything is blown up a million ways….Do you see respectable news reports that these lies are going on? NOOOOO!!!! YOU KNOW WHY BECAUSE ITS CRAP!!! I feel very sorry for these two families. The worst is that Jamie HAD NO CLUE that his life was going to blow up like this. It’s such a shame because he is so private!! I REALLY HATE WHEN THEY SAY JAMIE CANT DO THE ROLE OF GREY!! Jamie does this roll perfect. If they would read the books they would see he had a tormented life since he was born to a crack addict and her pimp abused him with physical abuse and would put out his cigarettes out on him. Then the teenage years changed him for 12 years. For the worst…self loathing, feeling of not being perfect or feeling like a disappointment to his adopted family. Which was not true but that goes back to his childhood. That makes him feel not worthy of ANYTHING!!! HE WAS A MILLIONARE BY 21. That is amazing!!! Christian just felt way to many negative things about himself until he met Ana. The walls and almost his whole lookout on life changed little by little…..You see Christian catching up to his adult age…..Not still caught in his teen years that he didn’t get to live through or feel. Christian is a very very dark person with no feeling almost like a blank slate of a human being. It slowly changes and people who did not read the trilogy miss out on the REAL LOVE STORY BEHIND THIS MOVIE!!! IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER I GUESS BECAUSE WE SEE THE TRUE MEANING OF EACH CHARACTER THAT PULLS THE WHOLE MOVIE TOGETHER AS A WELL OILED MACHINE….ALL I CAN LEAVE YOU WITH IS TO GIVE THE BOOK A CHANCE….GREY(THE BOOK IS FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE AS 50 SHADES OF GREY IS FROM ANASTACIA POINT OF VIEW) GREY IS PRETTY VULGAR BUT FUNNY AS WELL!! ENJOY!!!