‘The Fifty Shades Darker’ Jamie Dornan: Full Frontal For ‘The Fall’ Because Of Bigger Paycheck?

‘The Fifty Shades Darker’ Jamie Dornan: Full Frontal For ‘The Fall’ Because Of Bigger Paycheck?
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Jamie Dornan has done it again and this time not as “Fifty Shade Darker’s” Christian Grey but as Paul Spector, a psychotic killer in “The Fall.” The actor could be seen completely naked in a shower scene for the series’ much anticipated Season 3.


It is now known that Dornan’s character, Paul Spector, is still alive and Agent Stella Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson, is keeping a close watch on his move. In an interview Jamie Dornan said that he did not have much insight into how his character would turn out in the “The Fall” Season 3, the Parent Herald reported.

In the preview, Anderson could be heard saying, “Beyond the sadism and the overwhelming fetishism with female underwear, he was a voyeur, a transvestite, into auto-eroticism and necrophilia. There’s also signs of pygmalionism, his obsession with mannequins and dolls. I’ve sometimes wondered if he breathed air into his dying victims to prolong their lives, so that they could see clearly that he was going to kill them.”

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Spector has managed to arouse sympathy in the nurse who has been given the responsibility to care for him. But she is unaware of the manipulative capacity that Spector has.

The minute-long shower scene has got fans buzzing on the social media. The excerpt followed the serial killer in the nip as Gibson and the German head doctor discussed his condition.

“Jaysus that shower scene was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on TV #TheFall,” tweeted a fan.

Another tweet said, “That’s a very fancy shower for a lock up… yes I saw just the shower *coughs* #TheFall.”

However, it appears at this point Jamie Dornan is willing to go to any extent for fame and money. Despite everything, it would still be difficult for him to get out of Christian Grey’s image, according to a report by the Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

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  • Bobby Burns

    …”according to a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry…”? Why did you quote them? They’re one of the LEAST credible bully tabloids EVER! The shower scene in The Fall preview was from the waist up, and of his feet. Chances are, Jamie had a bathing suit on while filming the scene and wasn’t naked. it’s all smoke and mirrors. Ahhh, the magic of movie making. Your assumption is foolish!