‘Fifth Harmony’ Normani Kordei Sings Solo: New Beyonce In The Making?

‘Fifth Harmony’ Normani Kordei Sings Solo: New Beyonce In The Making?
Photo Credit: Disney | ABC Television Group via Compfight cc BY-ND
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Normani Kordei, a Fifth Harmony singer, is set to go solo. The singer has proven that she can go miles when left alone. Recently, her cover of Tory Lanez’s “Say It” was released. Perez Hilton reports that this can be the Beyonce moment for the beauty.


While Camila Cabello takes the lead in any interview and has made solo stunts before, Normani is the powerhouse of the band. The 19-year-old has gone for the spotlight this time with “Say It.” She has very polished vocals without a nosy touch to it. Currently, the song is available on YouTube.

The Fifth Harmony girls are known not only for their singing but also for their styles. The girls are on the March 2016 cover of Seventeen. The issue has a cover story of the girls where they talk about fame, love and bonding.

Dinah was in a conversation with beauty editor Marta Topran when she said, “Over the past year, we’ve experienced love and heartbreak, and it’s taken a toll on us. You can’t always show that you are confident because that’s not the truth.”

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The Fifth Harmony girls had a tricky question to answer. When asked where they see themselves in the next 10 years, Lauren explained, “I don’t see us still doing this, but by then I hoped we’ll have toured the world and won a couple of Grammys for songs we are really passionate about.”

The smart girls of Fifth Harmony are not going to promise a long career together. However, they are sure that they are going to go miles before they split as a group.

Fifth Harmony split rumors are on a high for a long time, now. With Camila having a solo footage and Normani releasing her single, it is not going to rest for long. Morning News USA will bring you every news that matters from the girls.


  • CoCoMongo

    Yeah she’s not even close to Beyoncé. Not even on her best day. She’ll never be Beyoncé. Ever.

  • FlyHighAgain

    “Normani is the powerhouse of the band.” you spelt Lauren wrong little girl. You should learn to utilize your spell check.

  • Jason Todd

    I have to laugh at how every run of the mill girl group singer is considered “Beyoncé” lol. She’s not even that good of a singer or the best one in the group. Lauren is. Camila can capture a crowd and Dinah has the second best vocals but normani can’t compare to Dinah or Lauren. Not by a long shot.

  • HoochieCoochie

    I love Normani & she can move like Beyonce but she isn’t the POWERHOUSE… majority of fans agree that Dinah & Ally are the POWERHOUSES of the group & they aren’t even the Popular ones but majority of fans still agree they have the “PIPES.”