Fifth Harmony Update: Girls Confirm That They Will Go Their Separate Ways Soon

Fifth Harmony Update: Girls Confirm That They Will Go Their Separate Ways Soon
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From One Direction breaking up to Ed Sheeran taking a break from the music business, the music industry is reported to be losing more faces from the scene as Fifth Harmony may be geared towards a breakup. Will the all-girl group follow 1D’s suit?


The buzz about an alleged breakup started when Lauren, one of the members of Fifth Harmony, circulated two videos where she sings Lady Gaga’s “Speechless” and “Paparazzi.” When these clips went viral, fans speculated a breakup to occur.

In fact, the videos did not just go viral; fans also loved Lauren singing songs all on her own. One fan took to Twitter and said, “However, the question whether Fifth Harmony will break up has been debunked by the girls themselves. But during their interview with Spain’s Europe FM, the group hinted that ‘there may be a time limit’ for them, and that the separation could be essential in the future.” With Lauren singing by herself in these videos, will she be the one to go solo and signal the breakup of Fifth Harmony?

Dinah Jane, one of the members of the group, stated, “We’ve been together for basically three years now and looking back… we’re very, very… happy with where we’re at right now. But from here on out, we wanna hopefully win a couple more awards together… maybe build more music together as well.”

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Lauren also gave out a hint that the group is about to break up. She stated, “It’s just a realistic thing; we’re in a group and all have creative differences, and that’s something that realistically in ten to fifteen years is where we should be at.”

At present, Fifth Harmony is recording their latest studio album  due to release this 2016. Will this be their last as a group?


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