FBI Not Sharing iPhone 5C Hack Details With Apple So They Can’t Fix The Flaw

FBI Not Sharing iPhone 5C Hack Details With Apple So They Can’t Fix The Flaw
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If the recent Apple-FBI iPhone 5C hack has been bothering you about your phone getting hacked then do not worry. FBI Director, James Comey has confirmed that the trick works only on iPhone 5C running on version 9, and not on older or newer models. Read on to know what did he say about giving the information about the hack to Apple.


At the Kenyon College in Ohio, James Comey in his speech on Wednesday said that the iPhone 5C hack was possible due to their ability to get into the phone’s “technological corner case.” He also shed some light upon whether the FBI will give Apple the information about the hack so that the company works on the flaw. From his statement, the possibility of Apple knowing about the glitch and then fixing it looks none. Here is what Mr. Comey said,

“If we tell Apple, they’re going to fix it and we’re back where we started. As silly as it may sound, we may end up there. We just haven’t decided yet.”

With regards to the iPhone 5C hack and what went into breaking the phone, he also said that “someone outside the government, in response to that attention, came up with a solution. One that I am confident will be closely protected and used lawfully and appropriately.” The FBI had also purchased a tool for iPhone 5C hack. Regarding the involvement of members from outside the FBI, Comey said, “The FBI is very good at keeping secrets, and the people we bought this from — I know a fair amount about them, and I have a high degree of confidence that they’re very good at protecting it and their motivations align with ours.”

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FBI might not give away Apple the details about the flaw in their device but has definitely given a hint by saying that the trick works only with one of their phones. Apple can now, at least, narrow their efforts and concentrate only on iPhone 5C.

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