Favorite Sasha Talks About Sam Frost And ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Experience

Favorite Sasha Talks About Sam Frost And ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Experience

The final three guys on “The Bachelorette Australia” are all in love with Sam Frost. While all are feeling positive about the outcome of the show this week, Sasha Mielczarek is a hot favorite. We were able to guess who the final three will be and this time, we want to present what the top favorite has to say about the show and his lady love.


Sasha is indeed the probable winner of “The Bachelorette Australia.” He is charming, has good manners and is madly in love with Sam. Sam Frost also enjoys the company of the 30-year-old NSW guy. He is said to have a heart of gold. The duo had a few single dates, each of them amazing. They shared intimate kisses and they made us think they have some sort of connection for sure.

When asked if he was afraid he will not be chosen by Sam, he said, “Yeah, every rose ceremony I’ve always gone in there with my bags packed ready to go . . . it’s such a dynamic environment, you can’t help but think that the experiences you’re having, one of the other guys is having as well.”

When asked about the family visit and how it went, Sasha seemed satisfied. He mentioned, “We sit around, we have a barbecue, we never sit at a formal dining table. We sit on the couch, we have beer and wine and laugh and just take the piss out of one another. That’s exactly what it’s like, and Sam fit in so well, she did amazingly well.”

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Sasha is actually amazed with the dates he had with Frost on “The Bachelorette Australia.” He said, “To be honest, it’s hard to decipher the two. The first one was so great because it gave us the chance to become comfortable with one another — and there was the fact that she could finally look at me, at least. We got to know each other a little bit, that really was the first meeting where we got to know each other. This second one was specifically tailored for me with my love of classic cars. I used to own a ’57 Buick. She couldn’t get a ’57 apparently, so she got a ’58 Buick.”

When all is said and done, we strongly hope Sasha wins “The Bachelorette Australia” this time. However, competition is tough and the answer to the questions will be out this week.