Father Kills Own Children In Wisconsin Rapids Murder-Suicide

Father Kills Own Children In Wisconsin Rapids Murder-Suicide
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Two children, a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, were killed by a 36-year-old man, who then killed himself, on Wednesday, according to the police.


The murder-suicide incident occurred in the home at the corner of 11th Street South and Apple Street, which is owned by Justin and Amanda Bohn, as stated in public records. While it had not been at first confirmed whether the man who killed the children and himself was Justin, it has been made clear that the mother of the children was not home.

As reported by WSAU, Wisconsin Rapids Police Lieutenant Brian Krzykowski said the man’s brother called them. The police, the brother, and one of their parents arrived at the house to find the bodies.

“Our officers arrived, with the brother and a parent, made entry to the residence and noticed a smell of natural gas,” Krzykowski said. “They did search the residence, and unfortunately, they located three victims which appears to be a double homicide-suicide at the residence.” He confirmed that “gunshot is the cause of death for all three.”

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According to Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, the state Department of Safety and Professional Services reveal that Justin and Amanda have chiropractic licenses, while Justin has had his license since 2011, Amanda has had it since 2013, but no further details have emerged about the two individuals. In addition to being licensed, Justin is also a registered agent of the Bohn Family Chiropractic, LLC.

Douglas Machon, a Wood County Board member who is a representative of the neighborhood where the dead bodies were discovered, expressed his sorrow over the killings.

“You never want to hear things like this happening, especially in your community so close to home,” Machon said. “It’s heart-wrenching. You have to try and understand what drives people to do these things. They seem to make no sense at all.”

Wisconsin Rapids Mayor Zach Vruwink was informed about the killings on Wednesday.

“They were such a beautiful family and children,” Vruwink, who knows the man’s father and brother, said. “That’s what touches me the most — that it’s taken the lives of children. It touches many of the people in the community, without question.”

Krzykowski said, “The investigation is still ongoing, involving our Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, and also the Division of Criminal Investigation, and the Wood County Coroner’s office. They’re still working on it right now.”

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