Fantastic Four: Director Josh Trank Responds To Criticism, Says His Version Would’ve ‘Received Great Reviews’

Fantastic Four: Director Josh Trank Responds To Criticism, Says His Version Would’ve ‘Received Great Reviews’
Universal Fantastic Four JD Hancock / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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While Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” is being slammed by critics, the director claims that he should not be held accountable for the final result of the film. Although the movie did manage to garner a handful positive reviews, the consensus, by and large, has been massively disappointing.


‘Fantastic Version Of This’ A Year Ago Would’ve ‘Received Great Reviews’

Trank took to social media to vent out his frustration, writing that he had a “fantastic version of this” a year ago and that it would’ve “received great reviews.”

“You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though,” he posted on Twitter.

The post has since been deleted.

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“Fantastic Four” – which stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan – only managed to achieve 9 percent favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes so far.

What Trank’s message appears to tell us is that he had to supposedly surrender the creative control of the film a year ago, and that the version released is more of a product of 20th Century Fox than his. However, what the director really had in mind remains unclear and, like he said, we’ll never get to see it.

Trank’s frustration with the final cut of the film is evident from his post, though he doesn’t seem to blame anyone for it.

Departure From Star Wars Anthology Film

According to Deadline, he reportedly departed from the Star Wars Anthology film on May 1, following tensions between him and Disney/Lucasfilm. He explained his exit later, citing his desire to take a break from high-profile movies.

“I want to do something original after this because I’ve been living under public scrutiny, as you’ve seen, for the last four years of my life,” he said, as reported by Variety. “And it’s not healthy for me right now in my life. I want to do something that’s below the radar.”

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While his departure from Star Wars was attributed to his erratic behavior on the set of “Fantastic Four,” he denied the accusations.

“None of those facts were true,” he said. “And any of the facts that were true were spun in such a maliciously wrong way.”

“Fantastic Four” was produced on a budget of $120 million.

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