‘Fallout 4’ Update: Security Changes To Prevent Unauthorized Mod for Xbox One, PS4

‘Fallout 4’ Update: Security Changes To Prevent Unauthorized Mod for Xbox One, PS4
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Bethesda has responded to the plight of disgruntled Fallout 4 PC modders. The Maryland-based game developer has put in place a new security measure that would prevent system abusers from downloading PC mods from third-party hosting sites and uploading them for use on Xbox One.


Polygon reported that Xbox One users can no longer upload Fallout 4 mods to the official Bethesda website without having a Steam-linked account. The new requirement aims to track down and punish those who steal content for use on consoles.

Popular PC mods for “Fallout 4” have been shared online since late 2015. Console gamers ultimately got hold of the PC mods and began uploading them to Bethesda.net.

The unauthorized uploads started a rift between PC modders and console gamers. The former accused the latter of stealing, while the latter responded by calling PC modders selfish for not sharing their work.

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The new security measure was implemented just last week, with the release of the game’s latest Creation Kit update for Xbox One. According to Bethesda’s online community forum, gamers can link their Bethesda account to Steam by simply logging in to Mods on the game’s menu screen.

Bethesda made the changes to avoid encountering the same issues on the PS4. Sony’s current-gen console is expected to get the latest Creation Kit update later this month.

The patch also includes general optimizations and bug fixes for console versions of Fallout 4. The latest Creation Kit update does have one glaring caveat on the PS4. The software only supports mods that weigh 900 MB or under.

Bethesda specifically warned modders against uploading mods that are larger than 900 MB. On the bright side, the developer assured PS4 gamers that it’s working closely with Sony to increase the mod size limit.

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