Fallout 4 Star Wars Mod: Players Can Now Use Star Wars Lightsabers

Fallout 4 Star Wars Mod: Players Can Now Use Star Wars Lightsabers
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Buckle up, Fallout 4 players. A dream is now turning into reality. A Fallout 4 Star Wars mod will now allow you to kill in-game enemies with lightsabers.


Are you still wondering how this work? Here are the details. Invalidfate has developed the “Lightsaber Renew,” a mod that brings lightsabers to Fallout 4. The lightsabers in the game also support sound effects. There are color options given to Fallout 4 Star Wars mod players. Blue, green, pink and red lightsabers are available.

You can download the Fallout 4 Star Wars mod online. Have you tried installing the newly downloaded game, but are still encountering problems? No worries! Here is a YouTube video posted by Chayification that will explain you how to install this mod.

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Fallout 4 Star Wars mod: Hear it from the horse’s mouth

Invalidfate on its website have given many details about the additional features. The post tells us that the Star Wars mod includes “unique weapon equip animation and a light source similar to shishkebab one.” The post has further shed light on what’s new. Here are pointers listed on the website:

1) fix lighting issue in darker place, which make the screen darker if the saber is drawn.
2) making light color synced to the saber one.
3) fine tune the light-source radius to make it more realistic
4) remove non-desired Chinese-sword weapon module option which makes the saber looks weird.
5) optional non-OP version of weapon damage

Also note that the installation might get interrupted or completely fail due to the recent Fallout 4 patch. To sort the issues out, read the complete report published on The Nexus Forums.

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