‘Fallout 4’ New Mod Out For Xbox One; Details Revealed

‘Fallout 4’ New Mod Out For Xbox One; Details Revealed
Fallout 4 (35) Videogame Photography / Flickr cc
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No fan would deny that Bethesda has been working round the clock to improve gaming experience in Fallout 4. Fortunately, they don’t have plans to stop. After the release of its DLC, the developers decided to release mods to counter some of the issues faced by users.


One important mod finally landed for the Xbox One community today. Introducing the full dialogue interface. According to VG 24/7, the mod is designed to help gamers use full sentences rather than the built-in rehashed dialogues in the game. Replacing the basic option with the mod will finally prevent the dialogues from “stuttering.”

The full dialogue interface mod has been long-awaited by Fallout 4 fans. Unfortunately, it is currently available only for the Xbox One. On the bright side, Bethesda confirmed that they are working on the mod for PS4 and will be releasing it this month. Perhaps after the DLC’s performance issue with Far Harbor in PS4, the developers will be testing for glitches in the mod.

While most fans would be worried about the mod tampering with their saved files, Kotaku Australia says they shouldn’t. Once you install the mod, the save files will be divided into two copies: a file saved before you start using the mod, and the other after you use it. Don’t forget: the mod will disable your achievement while using it, which should be obvious.

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Gamers can add the new mod to their library right now from the official mod page. Once it goes online, the full dialogue interface will automatically become available in-game.

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