Facebook Will Now Allow Brands To Send Direct Message To Users

Facebook Will Now Allow Brands To Send Direct Message To Users

Facebook is not a platform individuals use to connect anymore. It has become more of an advertising platform now. From Facebook ads to sponsored posts in the news feed, the company tries its best to give businesses every option to reach a maximum number of people.


The company has always looked for ways to make its users communicate better with each other as well as connect well with brands. On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it is rolling out new ways through which brands and users can easily communicate with each other, especially via direct messages.

What’s the update?

Do you see ads from brand pages on the left of your Facebook page? Right now, those ads look like this:

Untitled 275x300 Facebook Will Now Allow Brands To Send Direct Message To Users

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Facebook will now add an option to send messages to an ad so users can directly send messages to the pages without having to actually visit the page. This feature will be available for brands as well. Users do not advertise on brand pages, so how will this feature help business pages? Pages will be able to send direct messages to people who comment on their posts.

Facebook has gone one step ahead and has decided to provide brands that reply at a faster rate to messages a “Very Responsive to Messages” badge, especially brands whose response time are five minutes or less.

Regarding this new update, Facebook on its blog said, “Messaging has become a preferred communication channel for people, and now people and businesses on Facebook can start real-time conversations with each other in more ways.”

Right now, Messenger is in no ways involved in this direct messaging update, but we’ll never know. Facebook may soon allow us to send an instant message to brand pages without their ad flashing on our page.