Facebook To Make Fundraising Easier For NGOs By Introducing ‘Donate Now’

Facebook To Make Fundraising Easier For NGOs By Introducing ‘Donate Now’

Facebook is known for introducing new features every other day. Frequent changes usually do not work for such sites, or even the biggest of brands, as users do not accept those changes well. But Facebook is a different case. This social media site always brings in subtle changes without disturbing users’ comfort levels and at the same time incorporate changes that are beneficial for all.


One such latest feature is Donate Now. This feature was rolled out back in 2013, but only for limited organizations viz., The Red Cross and The American Cancer Society.

This button would be activated as a call-to-action tab which is found on every Facebook page. Rolled out specially for NGOs, this button would now also be seen in link advertisements. In a post, Facebook for Business wrote, “We are excited to introduce a new ‘Donate Now’ call-to-action option on both link ads and Pages. Now, it’s easier than ever for nonprofits to connect with people who care about their causes and encourage them to contribute through the website of their choice.”

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Facebook is a platform actively working for social causes – may it be allowing masses to voice their opinion or raising funds for countries during natural calamities. With features such as Donate Now, it would now be easier for people to start donating without having to go through complicated procedures or wonder how to contact a particular organization.

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This feature is without a doubt a relief for NGOs as their fundraising job will become easier, but this has also made things easier for people who are constantly looking out to be engaged with NGOs. Well done, Facebook!