Facebook Tests New Tool To Ensure Better Online Security

Facebook Tests New Tool To Ensure Better Online Security
Facebook at Mozcon – Alex Thos Ballantyne / Flickr CC BY 2.0

In order to prevent unauthorized access of Facebook accounts, the social networking site has come up with tool called Security Checkup, which will require users to go through security options and ensure online safety for themselves.


With the increasing popularity of the social networking platform, the risk of security breach is also increasing exponentially. Facebook has always taken security seriously.

A number of effective security tools have always been there under the Settings Menu. However, users are not often aware about those options, and they do not even check them, which adds to vulnerability leading toward security issues.

Facebook has been receiving reports of security breaches for so long, and now, in order to ensure that users are actually informed about all the measures they are provided with, it has launched the new tool.

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With the increasing number of users accessing Facebook through their smartphones, logging in has become difficult to track. Normally, the log-in sticks around with the mobile device. In case the device is stolen or gets lost, the new user of the device can easily access the account of the original owner without much of a hassle.

According to The Verge, the latest Facebook login safety tool will start to appear on user accounts starting from today. It will ask users to explore options to enhance security as soon as they get into their Home page.

The Security Checkup is a small update that will ensure that users will not miss security options already available in Facebook. The update can be considered as a sign that Facebook is becoming more and more concerned about online security.


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