Facebook Says Recent World Cup was Biggest Social Media Event in History

Facebook Says Recent World Cup was Biggest Social Media Event in History
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world%20cup Facebook Says Recent World Cup was Biggest Social Media Event in HistoryFacebook claims to have served as the global stadium in the virtual space for the recent 2014 World Cup. That assertion is backed by numbers, of course. The popular social media site revealed that up to 350 million of its users globally were engaged in the event.


It was easily described as the biggest social media event to date. In a statement, the Website disclosed that it knew the sports event would be big but it did not expect it to be this huge. It added that the level of engagement across the social media was easily remarkable.

Facebook said the event paved the way for the highest level of conversation for a single event. It was the biggest it had ever measured. This is important to the company because it actually sells ads especially during such events so advertisers could easily reach the social network’s 1.28 billion active users monthly.

Historic event in social media

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The record traffic generated by Facebook can suggest that the website emerged as the platform to discuss and post events in real time during the recent major sports events. Why is this important? That is because this used to be a segment dominated by Twitter.

The figure may mean that Facebook has toppled Twitter as the online venue where users post feedback in real time as events happen. Of course, that will mean so much to Facebook, which has been targeting advertisers for income.

Experts assert that the use of smartphones heavily contributed to this. Mobile phones are said to have been instrumental in making Facebook ubiquitous during the major sports event held in Brazil.

Recent World Cup

Germany won against Argentina during the latest World Cup that was held last week. The match emerged as the most commented one in the history of the tournament. It involved up to 88 million users and facilitated 280 interactions.

You might be wondering, who was the most talked about World Cup athlete? It was Neymar of Brazil followed by Lionel Messi of Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, and Luis Suarez of Uruguay.