Facebook Politically Biased? Mark Zuckerberg To Pacify Conservative Leaders

Facebook Politically Biased? Mark Zuckerberg To Pacify Conservative Leaders
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Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have recently become the target of many conservative thinkers in the world of media. The social media company has been accused of discriminating against conservative news sources. According to them, Facebook is into the habit of censoring right-wing news from its list of most trending topics.


Facebook is allegedly manipulating its “Trending News” section, which is supposed to be an automated list that picks up tops news stories gone viral across the world. However, it may be possible that Facebook is being sneaky when it comes to regulating the influential trending news topics.

An internal source, a “news curator” who worked for the Trending News section of Facebook, told Gizmodo that they were often given orders from supervisors to prevent right-wing news featuring personalities such as Rand Paul and Mitt Romney from making it into the top news of the day.

Contradicting the company’s claims to include “topics that have recently become popular on Facebook,” the source added that they were also constantly being told to insert some pre-selected news story into the line-up, even though there was no evidence of that particular news being remotely popular on the internet.

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In order to officially refute the allegations, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, will hold a meeting on Wednesday. The meeting will include eminent conservative reporters such as Fox News’ Dana Perino, Glenn Beck, and ten other conservative news specialists, reports CBC.

Ironically, Beck announced on his Facebook page that he would be attending the meeting to be held in Menlo Park, California “to look [Zuckerberg] in the eye as he explains.” He further added that “it would be wonderful if a tool like Facebook independently chose to hold up Freedom of speech and freedom of association as a corporate principle.”

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