Is Facebook Becoming The Next Online Shopping Destination? Here’s Why It Can Kill eCommerce Sites

Is Facebook Becoming The Next Online Shopping Destination? Here’s Why It Can Kill eCommerce Sites
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Mark Zuckerberg, without any doubt, wants Facebook to become a one-stop solution for all your internet needs. The social networking site first killed Orkut, then integrated Search, remember Graph Search? It has now also become a news platform and now recently, it has introduced “sending and receiving” money to its chat app, Messenger in the US.


That’s not all! You can now even play basketball and chess in the Messenger with your friends. If all that wasn’t enough, the social networking site is now also allowing Ticketmaster and Eventbrite to sell tickets via the platform. Does that mean that Facebook is now eyeing eCommerce?

I remember few years back some online shopping sites had converted Facebook landing pages to shopping carts. It did not last long as the site changed its look as well as rules for business pages. But if it was possible back then, now if the social media site decides, every business can turn their pages into mini shopping sites. Who knows with Messenger allowing people to send and receive cash, we may soon be able to contact businesses via the app and place order then and there? If you have not yet noticed, type any random alphabet in the chat search and some of the business pages also show up along with friends.

If not for messenger, the designing of pages might once again change where brands can have a tab where they can not just list their products but also sell them on the same tab. When we speak of eCommerce sites, many times, the products are not directly sourced from the companies. They come from the retailers which result into faulty devices, at times. If Facebook allows brands to directly sell via pages, they can sell genuine products to the customers due to which brands can also maintain their image by delivery only original and quality goods to customers.

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