Facebook Messenger Tricks: How To Play Chess, Basketball With Friends

Facebook Messenger Tricks: How To Play Chess, Basketball With Friends
Facebook Messenger app Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Facebook always tries to do something different. And whatever it may be, it entertains all of us. But Mark Zuckerberg’s baby always tells the world about what it is doing and what it is not doing, unless there is a hidden agenda. I wonder why these games are not promoted on Facebook Messenger. Here are Facebook Messenger tricks on how to play them:


Yes, there are two games that you can play on Facebook Messenger. One is Chess, and another is Basketball. Before the Basketball game begins in the US on April 4, the social media messenger is allowing you to play it in the virtual world. To start the game with a friend you are chatting to,

  1. Go to emojis.
  2. Select “basketball” emoji and send it across to the friend.
  3. Now tap on the emoji you have just sent.
  4. With your finger, flick the ball.
  5. The game will begin.
  6. You will score when the ball enters the hoop.

The fun part is the participation of other emojis in the game. When you score a point, happy faces pop-up, and when you lose, sad emojis show up. Note that the game seems easy till you score 10 points, then it becomes challenging as the basket starts moving sideways.

Next is Chess. To play chess in the Facebook Messenger,

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  1. Type @fbchess play in the chat box.
  2. Chess will appear in the messenger.
  3. If you initiate the game, you will by default get to play White and you will be the first one to make the move.
  4. To move the pawn or king or queen or any of the other pieces, you need to start with the code @fbchess.
  5. For example, you want to move your Pawn to D3, then you will have to type Pd3.
  6. Here are some of the codes you should know: K – king, Q -queen, B – bishop, N – knight, R – rook and P – pawn.
  7. To end the game, type @fbchess resign.

Hope you will use these simple Facebook Messenger Tricks and have more fun playing these secret games with your friends in the chat app.

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