Facebook Messenger Experiments With GIFs

Facebook Messenger Experiments With GIFs
Facebook Messenger app camera Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

It’s an experiment that can lead to new innovations. Facebook has upgraded its Messenger app with some new features.


The new search feature within Messenger, which is still in its testing phase, will make it simpler for the users to find GIFs and stickers at one place. A series of third-party GIF apps have also been allowed within Messenger recently, but they are already a thing of the past as a new series of navigators have already been introduced in selected accounts.

Currently, the dedicated GIF button that will enable users to send images through a few clicks is at its testing stage. This new format will surely make it easier for users to share content without using any third-party application.

The GIF button first made its appearance on Facebook Messenger last week. It scans through most-used GIFs from Riffsy and Gifphy. We should note here that these two enterprises have developed dedicated applications to be used with Messenger to enable users to share images through the app. However, there lies an issue, and it is that the number of GIFs available for sharing is limited.

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The GIF button is seemingly aimed towards boosting the use of GIFs through Messenger and it is most expected to reach its goal without much hassle. In addition to that, the company is also testing another project for an integrated GIF search option as noted above.

The additions were first noted by Mashable, and the changes were observed using the Facebook accounts of a selected number of users located in Canada.

It has also been reported by Mashable that Facebook’s spokesperson notified that the search feature will develop with time and include more options for users.

So once the testing phase is over, we can expect the feature in every Facebook account, making it more convenient to use Messenger.