Facebook Messenger App Incurs Rants

Facebook Messenger App Incurs Rants
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fb%20messenger Facebook Messenger App Incurs RantsAre you one of the many Facebook users on iOS or Android who get annoyed by the recent changes especially when it comes to accessing messages? The social networking site recently launched its own Facebook Messenger App, where messages and chats are now facilitated when using the network on mobile.


It does not surprise then that the new app was up for a rough start. Logically, most of the initial users could not hide their disappointment. The app can be downloaded and installed for free on iPhones and/or Android devices.

App Store feedback

First, the Messenger App of Facebook draws flaks over at Apple Inc’s App Store, where it is currently available as a free download. As of this weekend, the app has generated around 160 reviews. The average ratings provided by those users have an average of just about 1.5 stars, out of five. Now that is bad.

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The messages are loud, clear, and common. Most users think that Facebook misled them when it said that the new messaging app would make their lives easier. As it turned out, those disgruntled users point out, the Messenger App only consumes a lot more time, battery, and memory.

Android users’ feedback

Over at Android’s Google Play, the sentiment is no different. Some of the users think that downloading the app somehow infringed their privacy. Many users also think that they would not live to continuously use the app, which they say is unnecessary.

However, in terms of numerical ratings, the app surprisingly gathers much higher average ratings at the Google app store. As of the weekend, it generated a whopping 4.1 stars, in contrast when compared to the App Store ratings. An expert explained why the ratings went high despite the poor reception for the app: Google Play’s ratings tend to be cumulative for all existing versions of the same app.

Many observers also note that the trend appears to be a global phenomenon. This means that Facebook should start rethinking and reconsidering about their move to migrate its messaging tools to the new app. What is your take on this new development?


  • Eric Engel

    I agree with the naysayers. The new app is not what I want as a Facebook user. Disabling the reading of messages via the Facebook app itself and giving users no choice but to install a second Facebook app is not appreciated. By default, the new app causes your FB messages to pop up as big icons sitting on top if your screen as an overlay, pinned to the side, making it impossible to see the entirety of your screen unless you dismiss it.

    I’ve been thinking of giving up Facebook and this isn’t helping.

  • xiromisho

    What was funny was people were saying that it was slowing down their phone…. my phone was running slow and I didn’t put to and two together. Removed the app, now my phone is running far better. fun fact: I’ve got a Galaxy 5S

  • michelle

    1) Fbook messenger can see & use any picture deleted from your device. 2) on my miniDroid KitKat, after installing Fbook messenger, a mysterious ‘campaign icons’ folder with odd black&white images of an ‘i’ & a lightning bolt.. renewed everyday.. Fbook messenger also stores a file called ‘LazyList’ in the /emulated/storage directory.. my research found this file capable of uploading ALL your Fbook friends profile pictures once Fbook mobile messenger is launched on your device~ which eats data allowance & they could charge for this. i’ve uninstalled anything ‘Facebook’ on my mobile, then oddly, people weren’t recieving my text messages from Standard messaging app which was default on my miniDroid. Fbook is creepy, be careful!