Facebook Launches New Service and App Called Rooms

Facebook Launches New Service and App Called Rooms

facebook rooms ios app Facebook Launches New Service and App Called Rooms


Facebook has announced the release of the company’s latest app and it’s not connected to Facebook in any way. Rooms is the company’s modern take on classic message boards for forums.

“Inspired by both the ethos of these early web communities and the capabilities of modern smartphones, today we’re announcing Rooms, the latest app from Facebook Creative Labs. Rooms lets you create places for the
things you’re into, and invite others who are into them too,” said Josh Miller, the co-founder of Branch which was acquired by Facebook last year.

Rooms lets users create small message boards on any topic where they and other users they invite can post text, photos, and videos. Users will also be able to customize their rooms to their liking including changing the text or icon for the “Like” button, adding cover photos, creating “pinned” messages, customizing permissions, and more. Users are also required to create a username and identity for each room they join which gives them the opportunity to create unique identities for each of the Rooms they join. Rooms also does not require users to link their accounts to Facebook or go through their Facebook or other contacts in any way.

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At the moment, users may only join rooms they’re invited to as there is not “discovery” feature implemented yet. The company has said that they want to focus on looking for and working with a “small set of community
builders” with Miller saying that “From talking with founders of successful communities, we’ve learned that many of the most successful communities on the internet grew very slowly.”

Lastly, Rooms are currently limited to chronological feeds similar to Facebook and Instagram as there is no front page or ranking system similar to other message board services like Reddit.

Rooms is now available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone. The company did not announce if they plan to bring Rooms to other operating systems including Android and Windows Phone.