Facebook Introduces Facebook Hello, A Caller ID App To Track Facebook Profiles

Facebook Introduces Facebook Hello, A Caller ID App To Track Facebook Profiles
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Facebook has introduced Facebook Hello, a new service that can identify phone numbers and match them to their respective Facebook accounts. The Android app from Facebook, introduced on Wednesday, is believed to take users back to using phone calls.


The app will not only tell you whose Facebook account is associated with the unknown number, it will also help you block calls from specific numbers. The app will show you the list of blocked numbers. It also allows you to search for people or businesses on Facebook with just a tap.

The Hello app joined hands with the social media giant to provide users the best platform that will work as a caller ID as well as a search-and-call block system. The app is currently available for download in the Play Store.

Facebook Hello shows the details the owner of the number only allows to display on his or her Facebook profile. Facebook has confirmed that it has started testing the app from April 22, and the response is huge.

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If you don’t want people to find you with your phone number, you can go to your Facebook privacy setting.

The app itself will show you the profile picture of the user so you can recognize the person even if you cannot recognize the name.

Don’t get over-excited, though, because the app may not work for you. The new Facebook Hello app is only available in Nigeria, USA and Brazil. There are also difficulties users are facing, and it may take some time for the app to stabilize.

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