Facebook Brings Facebook Lite For Low-spec Android Devices

Facebook Brings Facebook Lite For Low-spec Android Devices
Facebook Johan Larsson / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Facebook has launched its super light app for people with smartphones of not-so-high specs. The app is reported to be fit for people with 2G connections and lower configuration. The app size will be 1 MB.


Facebook Lite is easy to download and install. This time, Facebook has concentrated on the basics rather than offering high data profiles. You will still be able to get video and location features. The same will be applicable for push notifications. The app works really fine in areas where signal is not strong enough.

The Facebook Lite app is made for Android users and it is targeted to developing countries where people are still not using high-spec phones. There is a huge customer base for low-budget smart phones and a huge amount of Facebook users belong from these areas.

The Facebook Lite got an official roll-out on June 4, and it will be currently available in Asia. Soon the app will be available in Africa, Latin America and Europe.

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Facebook has always tried to bring more and more for the web. It has developed Internet.org for the same purpose, though it is criticized on the ground of net neutrality. The major aim of Facebook is to get more and more users online. The new app of Facebook will just boost the effort.