f.lux Beta: Blue Light Reducing App Now On Android!

f.lux Beta: Blue Light Reducing App Now On Android!
Photo Credit: Mike Babcock via Compfight cc
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Another app joins the list of applications that can finally be used on Android. The app mentioned is the recently popular color temperature balancing f.lux. It has been largely used on computers and other mobile devices for a while; now, it is adapting to the “Android fever.”


Android Police reports that the makers of the popular app have been testing an Android version in a private beta. Now, the desktop screen filter is live and can be downloaded from the Play Store for anyone who would like to have it.

Blue light, according to studies, can interfere with a person’s sleep cycle, so it is best to filter it out during the evening. A few Android apps that filter it out have already been introduced to the public. Some of them are CF.lumen and Twilight. However, Twilight, for example, is said to be less effective since it uses a non-root red overlay that may or may not work.

Reducing blue light emissions for better night-time usage, however, has a downside. According to Tech Crunch the application requires users to have a rooted device in order to take advantage of its functionality.

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The release comes after similar apps from major platforms made their own releases of their own color-adjusting applications. Some of these apps include iOS 9.3’s Night Shift, Amazon Fire tablet’s Blue Shade and Android N’s speculated Night Mode.

The release of the Android version of f.lux is a breakthrough of some sorts, as the makers of the app has been working for years to help reduce the risk of blue light emissions. It is known that it was initially made on computers. The app designed by 2009 can work for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and jail-broken iOS devices.

The transition itself to mobile has been hard enough because of restriction issues. It could be recalled that last November, an iOS open version of the app was released but was pulled out, as it was reported to have violated Apple’s developer agreement. But with the Night Shift debut of the Cupertino company, makers of f.lux begged for reconsideration to be allowed back into the App Store.

Coming to the current dilemma of its Android version: it can’t simple be installed and ran. Users have to have administrative control over their devices via rooting. There might be an upgrade in the making as f.lux currently refers to the release as a “preview that is still in beta quality.”

f.lux is one of the most awaited apps on Android; however, some of the leading smartphone manufacturers like Asus and Xiaomi have added their own reading modes that deliver a similar experience to the said app. Speculations say that there is be an upcoming default night mode that will rival that of iOS 9.3 in the near future, reports TechOne3.

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