Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie: Director Reveals Comic Adaptation Plot?

Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie: Director Reveals Comic Adaptation Plot?
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DCEU’s The Flash movie has high expectations due to its involvement with time travel plot and the ability to breach into other universes. It has been speculated that the events that occur in the speedster movie would affect the upcoming DC titles as well.


At SDCC, Warner Bros. officially introduced Rick Famuyiwa as director for The Flash. Although Rick has directed critically acclaimed movies like Dope, he had to start his research on the DC fictional character from the scratch.

Rick Famuyiwa has been updating DC fans on his progress with his research though his official Instagram profile. But recently, The Flash director decided to surprise his followers on twitter. Check it out below.

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Rick Famuyiwa tagged shared an article by AP about “Earth-like planet right next door”, with his tweet saying “Earth 2?”. It’s certain that the director has gone in-depth in his research on the speedster and the fictional character’s priority in DC Universe.

Fans are starting to speculate that Rick Famuyiwa just revealed a major plot detail from The Flash movie. If true, Ezra Miller’s The Flash will also be coming across other speedsters like Jay Garrick in his debut film.

Earlier this month, Ezra Miller also teased the possibility of the cinematic universe speedster to crossover with TV Universe. As its technical possible for The Flash to travel other paradoxical universes, some fans are already expecting a crossover between both speedsters.

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The Flash movie will be released on March 16th, 2018 in USA. However, there have been rumors that Warner Bros. could push its release dates. Furthermore, it was recently revealed that Cyborg will be appearing in film as well.

In other news, Warner Bros. recently confirmed their next DC title as Justice League Dark. The studio also revealed director and cast details as well.

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