Ezekiel Elliott Blasts OSU Coaches, Will Go Pro In 2016

Ezekiel Elliott Blasts OSU Coaches, Will Go Pro In 2016
The Shoe Jason Pero / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Ezekiel Elliott, the Ohio State running back, was livid with his coaches following the third-seeded Buckeyes’ 17-14 defeat to the ninth-seeded Michigan State Spartans on Saturday.


Elliot, who finished with only 12 carries for 33 yards and a touchdown, ripped into the coach staff for the play-calling. “I think I do deserve more than 11 carries,” Elliot was quoted as saying by Cleveland.com. “I think I really do. I can’t speak for the play-calling, I don’t know what was going on or what they were seeing, but honestly, it didn’t work out. It wasn’t working.”

“I’m disappointed in the play-calling. I’m disappointed in the situations that we were put in, and I wish it all played out differently,” said Elliott. “It is very disappointing. In the one drive that we had where we kind of had some momentum after we scored on the strip-sack, the plays we ran, we ran a lot of gap schemes and we were gashing them (Spartans).”

Elliott blamed the coach for his team’s inability to finish off close games, despite carrying the momentum. “It is kind of something we’ve seen all season, honestly. We’ll have some momentum, we’re calling plays that work and then we kind of try to get away from it and try to get cute and run some other stuff.”

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In an emphatic statement to close out his rant, Elliot declared that he had no intention of returning to the Buckeyes next year. “This will be my last game in the ‘Shoe’,” said the running back. “There’s no chance of me coming back next year. I have to make the most of my time left. I just want to thank Buckeye Nation for making this place so special and I’m sorry about tonight.”