Eyes Are Everywhere: China Deploys Drones During All-important University Admissions Test

Eyes Are Everywhere: China Deploys Drones During All-important University Admissions Test
Little Invasion Sagie / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Many are called but few will be chosen. This biblical passage could also describe the ordeal Chinese students will face when they take the yearly university admissions test. Chinese authorities have amplified their selection to make sure the country picks the best, by deploying drones on the site during the exams. The drones will weed out for the government the cheaters during the test.


The National College Entrance Exam, also called gaokao, attracts hundreds of thousands of students. And to make sure it produces worthy future college students, authorities in central China’s Luoyang City will use the drones.

Although a proctor or teacher will still be present to monitor the students, it would be highly impossible to be able to maintain an eagle’s eye if we are talking of the number of students taking it. Just in 2014, 9.4 million students took the test, the Business Insider reports.

A report by the Washington Post, citing Chinese news reports, said cheating students use a special pen. This pen can take pictures of the questions. The resulting images will then be forwarded to another party who dictates the answers through an earphone.

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The drones won’t just be there to guard the testing site. The unmanned aerial vehicles, according to a Google translation of the People’s Daily Online story, are equipped to identify radio signals coming from the earpieces, no matter how hidden.

Test proctors will immediately be notified of any real-time discrepancies by the drones.

The unmanned aerial vehicles will hover 500 meters above the test site. Its range span covers 1 kilometer. Students caught cheating will be banned from taking any national exams for three years.