Extra Point Moves To 15-yard Line, NFL Announces For 2015 Season

Extra Point Moves To 15-yard Line, NFL Announces For 2015 Season
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What's This?

The extra point-after-touchdown kick will now be considered from the 15-yard line, with two-point conversions remaining in the 2-yard line. The defense can also score two points in return. This is the new rule of extra points as announced by the NFL; the rule shall be implemented in the 2015 season. All NFL franchise owners approved the League Committee’s proposal of the new rule for the coming season, which will kick off in September.


Under the previous rule, the ball was declared dead on a failed try. The new rule gives the opportunity to score a couple of points for the defense if it returns a blocked extra point or fails a two-point try. Previously, from the 2-yard line, the kickers converted more than 99 percent in the recent seasons.

Also if a penalty occurs, a team could change their attempt decision, as revealed by NFL Vice President Dean Blandino. For instance, a team can decide to go for a 1-point try if they are called for an offensive penalty after choosing to go for a two-point try.

At the NFL’s Spring League meeting on Tuesday, the owners approved the new rule by 30-2 votes. Three proposals were considered in the meeting.

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