Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Memory Lives On In Grand Theft Auto 5

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Memory Lives On In Grand Theft Auto 5
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Maurizio Pesce/ Flickr cc

Samsung has done everything to help folks get over the unfortunate battery exploding incident tied up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately “Grand Theft Auto 5” gamers will continue to see it and probably in a useful way.


Thanks to the ingenious efforts of mod creators, the memory of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will continue. As most know, mods play a big part in the “Grand Theft Auto” series with mods available for use on PC and the Xbox One.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mishap may never die.

According to Gizmodo, a mod for “Grand Theft Auto 5” will show the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a sticky bomb that can be used for gameplay. This may come in handy for the creative minds of GTA 5 gamers but unfortunately at the expense of Samsung’s misfortunes.

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With that said, Samsung may have its hands tied addressing the matter. It is a dark past which the Korean company cannot deny. Hence, Samsung is unlikely to get some aid from Rockstar Games to fend off the mods. This is because the mods do not come from them meaning they are not liable for its existence.

Will Samsung waste time finding the mod?

Hence, the best chance of Samsung to try to make the exploding Galaxy Note 7 is to go after the one behind the mod. That will, of course, entail a lot of effort, probably a wasted on, Ubergizmo reported.

Moving forward, Samsung will just have to live with that unfortunate incident which may be remembered even out of “Grand Theft Auto 5”. It was a costly oversight on their part even if it was to the group who supplied the battery.

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On how useful it will be on GTA 5 is anyone’s guess. But seeing how mods have created quite a stir, this is one mod that many will likely want to get a hold-off.

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