Experts warn against Malware-Spreading Fake MH17 Video in FB

Experts warn against Malware-Spreading Fake MH17 Video in FB

mh17 Experts warn against Malware Spreading Fake MH17 Video in FBLast week, the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 became one of the biggest news. It was sensationalized enough that online scammers found it is an opportunity to victimize unsuspecting and gullible social media users worldwide.


The Hacker News Network (THN) has recently reported what it described as a ‘distasteful’ spam campaign that claims to show an actual footage of the falling MH17. Of course, by now, we know that it is no more than a hoax. But it brings about risk and danger because it actually spreads malware online.

Fake MH7 video

The fake video scam particularly targets Facebook users. The hoax MH17 video was apparently created by click fraudsters, who intend visitors to download a video player or open the file video attachment. When the victim gives in to the trap, his PC is instantly subjected to infection of a malware.

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The victims are then directed to a link containing a phony online site, which in turn contains some details about the recent MH17 plane tragedy. The moment the victim clicks, he is automatically hit with numerous pop-up ads that promote gaming websites and other online shady services.

Facebook is already aware that this scam is spreading through its network. The popular social media site has already shut down and blocked such page. However, at this stage, the scam has already spread massively that it is almost unstoppable.

The plane tragedy

Almost 300 passengers of MH17 instantly died when it crashed in Ukraine after rebels in the country shot it down. As the world mourns, some cyber criminals have opted to exploit that aviation disaster.

Since the news came out, many websites claim to have discovered actual footages of the plane crash. But it turns out that most of those videos are hoaxes, which are circulated to attract attention or to spread malware, as the case of the fake video scam spreading in Facebook.

So what should you do if you get the same message in your Facebook account? Experts assert that the best way is to just ignore the video campaign or to report it to the FB administrator.