Experience Next-level Breakdancing In Missy Elliott’s ‘WTF’ Video

Experience Next-level Breakdancing In Missy Elliott’s ‘WTF’ Video
Photo Credit: Azttlan via Compfight cc
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What's This?

Missy Elliott, commonly known as the hip-hop goddess, has retaken the music world by storm with the release of the video of her latest track “WTF.”


She produced the track with Pharell Williams. The video has been described by fans as amazing, and we are expecting to learn new dance steps from it.

What makes the “WTF” video so special is not only the music but also the dance moves it shows. The dancers in the video give miraculous poses and moves, hardly imagined as possible.

As seen in the video, a group of dancers jump onto a two-wheeled hoverboard that needs to be self-balanced. They not only continue breakdancing in full swing, but also perform stunts like rotating floats and handstands.

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There is another catch in the “WTF” video co-produced by Missy Elliott. At the 1:30 mark of the video, there comes six look-alike puppets, with flexible joints performing booty-popping actions.

The puppets were manufacture by Furry Puppet Studio. The creative director of the firm reported that these expensive puppets took 2 months to make. It took a long time to give them the flexibility to pull off breakdancing.

Can the firm produce more puppets for business? Well, they might think of doing so once Missy Elliott and her label goes off contract.

Here’s the music video.