The Exorcist TV Series: Will Fox See It Through?

The Exorcist TV Series: Will Fox See It Through?
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The Exorcist has been considered the best horror film of all time, and Fox has taken the opportunity to bring the 1973 film back to life in a TV series. The William Peter Blatty-written book was reported to be taken into account as Fox currently put the series in pilot mode.


Fox has officially ordered a TV series adaptation of The Exorcist, and the proposal is currently under review by executives. In fact, it has been under development since 2012, initially led by director Sean Durkin. However, since the director bowed out from the role, the spot has yet to be filled.

Despite the absence of a director, the proposed The Exorcist TV series, if given a go, will house the writing talents of “Fantastic Four’s” Jeremy Slater and participated by executive producers David Robinson, Barbara Wall and James Robinson.

Knowing that The Exorcist has been a legendary film, earning $232 million at the box office when it hit theaters during 1973, Fox executives are reviewing the possibility of putting it up on television.

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Currently, Fox features a horror series “American Horror Story” while A&E features an all-new drama series, “Damien.” The latter’s storyline was allegedly an inspired take on the epic 1973 film The Exorcist. Will Fox see it through?

The Exorcist television series would give a modern take of Blatty’s “The Exorcist” book, which will showcase the journey of two men taking on a family’s case. The said family would be experiencing a demonic possession that would haunt their abode. The two men would face true evil and offer their services to help abolish the demon that terrorizes their home.

Will The Exorcist make its way to Fox’s TV series family? Keep posted for official announcements from the company with regards to this pilot project.