EXO Conquers US With ‘Monster’, Tops Billboard, Kris & Luhan Jealous?

EXO Conquers US With ‘Monster’, Tops Billboard, Kris & Luhan Jealous?
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EXO has broken records before on the Billboard 200, and now it appears that the group can add “Monster” to their list of accomplishments. However, as the song debuts number one on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, the group is still plagued with issues over Kris and Luhan’s dispute with SM Entertainment.


EXO’s Monster to Break Records?

EXO has released their Ex’act album, and their single “Monster” just made it to the top of Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart. Topping the said chart will include EXO to the list of K-pop acts likes PSY, BIGBANG, 2NE1, CL, BTS as well as G-Dragon and Taeyang.

According to Billboard, Monster is part of the two singles from the record which starts off with a dark, hip-hop-leaning sound before the chorus dives into an explosive pop tune. The single helps people remind why EXO remains one of the top acts in their industry.

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In the previous week, Monster already sold around 6,000 downloads in the United States. Not only that, the group has been praised for their excellent performances of Lucky One and Monster, according to Movie News Guide. Specifically, world-renowned group NappyTabs choreographed the performance for Monster. They were the same group behind performances by Madonna, BoA and Christina Aguilera.

SM vs Kris and Luhan

However, even with EXO’s success with their album, singles and performances, there is another “ugly side” to the group. Former members Kris Wu and Lu Han were battling with another arbitration meeting with SM Entertainment over a legal dispute that seems to be going nowhere, according to Morning Ledger.

The two parties talked over the contracts of the ex-members, specifically about their validities. The court decided on a compulsory arbitration, since the two sides cannot agree on a settlement. The said proceedings took about an hour and a half, and representatives of Kris and Luhan did not provide further details.

This is not the first time Korean management company SM Entertainment got into a legal dispute over its talents. Previous cases included members of DBSK and Super Junior.

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  • Reindeer

    i dont see why they would be jealous. theyre way too busy rn

  • FoucaultAnderson

    What an embarassing article – did SM pay for this? Kris has a movie coming out with Vin Diesel and Luc Besson and the Russo Brothers, the directors for Captain America Winter Soldier and Civil War (and Avergers: Infinity Wars) have explicitly stated that they want to work with Kris on a movie. In fact Kris was supposed to be in Civil War. Literally who is EXO? 6000 downloads in the US is laughable, which U.S. is being conquered? The one in your mind? Are you an EXO-anti?

    • trogdorthe8th

      All. Of. THIS!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like EXO and I enjoy the new song, but this article is clearly pretty biased towards the group, and not only downplays the accomplishments of the members who have left, but also sort of just skims by the fact that plenty of the other groups that are mentioned who have done digital sales and topped the World Digital Songs Chart have done WAY BETTER than EXO has in that respect. Not hating on the group, like I said I do enjoy a good portion of their music, but it sounds like someone from SM sent a message for them to sugar coat this article just a bit. Kris and Luhan are sailing on by and really making great names for themselves in the industry, without SM. On top of that, they also fail to mention that Tao is also starting to get his foot in the door (he’s still working his way up since he hasn’t been solo as long as Kris and Luhan), but he also just released a fantastic single with Wiz Khalifa, and doing movies in China as well.

  • Alisha

    I am sure they aren’t jealous, look at how well both Luhan and Kris are doing. Luhan is starring in a movie with Matt Damon and Kris is staring in a movie with Vin Diesel and Luhan’s solo career is slaying China!! I somehow don’t think they’re jealous of EXO. They are doing better than ever. They have moved on now as have EXO.