EXO Breaking Up Despite Success? Are The Members Getting Along?

EXO Breaking Up Despite Success? Are The Members Getting Along?
Photo Credit: KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea via Compfight cc
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EXO has been through a lot, but it seems that nothing can stop the group now. Although there have been mishaps along the way, the group continues to break records and become even more known despite being hounded by breakup rumors. So what’s the real score among the EXO members?


EX’ACT Proving to be a Success

While there may have been challenges to becoming a leading boy band, it appears that EXO has everything under control. Every comeback for the group meant looking forward to breaking records and sales. The group’s studio album “EX’ACT” is proving to be just as great.

EXO has broken the charts with Monster; their other songs have also started lining up to be hits on their own. According to Soompi, EXO pre-sold 660,000 copies of their album. The group will be nearing their millionth copy even before the actual release. Once EX’ACT reaches the millionth mark, it will be the third instance out of the three albums they have released so far.

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“There are so many people that we were thankful to throughout album productions. We prepared the album as one, and the members were quite determined, as well,” EXO leader Suho told OSEN.

“We’re so thankful for EXO-Ls and everyone for supporting our album, and we as EXO have become more confident as a team, too.”

Are the Members Getting Along?

As for the relationship of the members, it appears that the situation has improved. In fact, the EXO members revealed that they are getting along better as opposed to how they were when they were starting. During an episode of Entertainment Relay as reported by All Kpop, the boys shared what changed in the last four years.

“The members have gotten closer, and we’re as tight as ever. In the early days of our debut, we butt heads a lot,” the boys shared.

“We do butt heads a lot these days too,” they said when asked whether they still fight. Lastly, the group also expressed happiness about the performance of their album.

“We were really happy seeing the charts after our comeback. We really stressed a lot about our performance.”

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