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[Exclusive] Kayla And Yolanda Solseng: Interview With Modern Fairy-Tale Couple

[Exclusive] Kayla And Yolanda Solseng: Interview With Modern Fairy-Tale Couple
Kayla Marie Solseng / Facebook

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[Exclusive] Kayla And Yolanda Solseng: Interview With Modern Fairy-Tale Couple

Kayla and Yolanda Solseng is a modern day fairy-tale couple who believe that love knows no age or gender. Their love story went viral on Facebook recently.

We reached out to the pair of lovebirds after they tied the knot recently to talk about their journey so far, which has been both an exceptional as well as an inspirational story for the LGBT community and the world at large.

Kayla, 26, is a graphic designer who does marketing for Fabricators Unlimited. Yolanda, 24, is an assistant preschool teacher.

This is their account of how they met and how their love for each other gave way to the perfect fairy-tale engagement and wedding!

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Let’s get down to business:

Where did you guys first meet and was it love at first sight?

Yolanda: We met at a club in Fargo called the Hub which has closed now and is a wedding venue. We met online on plenty of fish then in person at the hub.

Kayla was so nervous that she pretended not to see me and looked right over me. It was love at first sight, the connection we had was indescribable.

Were both of your parents accepting of your choice to date each other?

Yolanda: My mom was nervous at first because I just got out of a serious relationship. I just couldn’t help but want to be with Kayla every day though. Kayla’s parents are not accepting and are not in our lives.

Who proposed to whom and how was it done?

Yolanda: I proposed to Kayla with a fairy tale book that I wrote and illustrated myself. I even used “Once Upon A Time” scrapbook paper. At the end it asked, “Will you be my happily ever after?”

Kayla said yes and cried. This took place on New Year’s Day 2015 in Laverne, Switzerland.

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Was the marriage a grand affair or just a private ceremony?

Yolanda: Our ceremony had 200+ people and it was completely rustic fairy tale themed. We poured our sand out of Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast.

We had Goldie Locks and the three “Ring Bearers” as a part of our wedding party and a junior princess instead of a junior bride.

Why did you choose a fairy tale theme for your engagement?  Was the theme difficult to plan?

Kayla: We are obsessed with ABC’s television show “Once Upon A Time”. That inspired us to do our own fairy tale story. We also made mini story books as our wedding invites and we put our fairy tale princess photos in them.

I designed them by scratch. It took Yalonda about two months to plan the photo shoot out. Had to buy some props, the dresses, hair extensions, jewelry, glitter spray, Mrs. Potts and Chip, and make Yolanda’s glass slippers.

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Was Princess Cinderella and Princess Belle random picks or did you two identify with their stories/personalities the most?

Kayla: My favorite princess growing up was Belle. Yalonda’s second favorite princess was Cinderella and she fell in love with the new Cinderella movie and her dress so she bought that one.

And then some “harder” questions:

If “Once Upon A Time” invites you to star in their show would you be interested?

Yolanda: I would love a day on set and to meet everyone. I was in theater for 6 years but the actors on that show are so talented that I wouldn’t want to ruin it. Maybe a super small role.

Kayla is kinda shy and would probably never go on there but she would love to meet the actors and tell them how much they inspire us.

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How did you know that it was the right time to get married? Did you guys plan it for a long time?

Yolanda: I proposed after only 9 months of dating and we were engaged for a little over a year and a half. I knew I was gonna marry her after 3 months of dating. She is my soul mate and I can feel that every day.

The news of you two tying the knot went viral on social media. How have people’s responses been so far? Have you received any negative comments or hate mails at all?

Yolanda: We only pay attention to the positive feedback. We don’t fixate on the negative comments that we have received. Some people think we are going to change from all the attention.

The only change I want is to get more LGBTQ characters in children’s books and movies. I don’t know why we are being hidden from kids. We are in TV dramas, movies, and sitcoms for adults but hardly anything for kids.

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So how is married life treating you?

Yolanda: Married life is the same as it has always been for us. We are happy and we love having each other’s last name. We encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves every single day.

Any plans to start a family in the near future?

Yolanda: Kayla told me that we can have a baby when we are financially stable. Right now we live paycheck to paycheck with student loans swallowing us whole. I would love to have a baby ASAP! It’s just not practical financially right now.

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Why do you think LGBT couples still shy away from getting married despite gay marriage now legalized in the U.S.?

Yolanda: Marriage is just a piece of paper. You don’t have to have a ceremony or be married to be happy. It’s not for everyone just like having kids is not for everyone.

What would be your message to everyone who has heard your story and got inspired by it?

Yolanda: Our message for the world is to always be yourself and use every day to its fullest. Love is LOVE. We encourage others to go out and create their own fairy tale!


Kayla and Yolanda are currently looking for sponsorship to start their own line of children’s books that feature LGBT characters and storylines, much like their own fairytale romance.

If you wish to donate towards their cause, you can visit and also learn more about their revolutionary ideas.

Morning News USA wishes both Kayla and Yolanda the best of married life and hope their story continues to inspire many more across the globe!

Kayla And Yolanda Solseng

Courtesy Of Kayla And Yolanda Solseng

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