Everything You Need To Know About The Ad-blocking Feature Of iOS 9

Everything You Need To Know About The Ad-blocking Feature Of iOS 9

Advertising gives access to hackers as well eats up your device’s space. For a faster phone, Apple is now introducing a feature that will allow iPhone users to block ads and have a faster iPhone.

As the sale of smartphones boomed, companies shifted focus towards mobile marketing. It won’t be completely wrong to say that the days are not far when there will no television, print or radio advertising. Brands will invest only into digital marketing – mobile advertising, to be specific.


From a brand’s perspective, this form of advertising is the best way to reach its target audience. But from a smartphone user’s perspective, ads are nothing more than unwanted pop-ups and distractions that eat up the data. And if we speak of Android phones, advertisements are also used by hackers to attack smartphones. To avoid this mess created by mobile ads, Apple’s latest operating system iOS 9, said to be rolling out in a week’s time after the launch of the next iPhone early September, will come with an ad-blocking feature.

iOS 9 will allow Safari extension’s developers to block certain kind of advertising content which includes cookies, pop-ups and images. This is the content that fills your device with unnecessary material, affecting the speed of your Internet and device. So, Apple’s new ad-blocking feature guarantees a faster, smarter and clutter-free iPhone.

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If experts are to be believed, Apple’s intention is not to block advertisers but cut down the unnecessary coding. iOS 9 will also not be able to block all sorts of ads that appear on your device. This is applicable to native ads.

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Regarding this new update, Somo’s Emma Crowe said, “There will be an impact, but I don’t think users are that aware of [iOS ad-blocking] yet. What the media business could do is not allow access unless ads are permitted. They could move beyond banner ads towards more integrated video, and that would have better ROI in the long run.” This is true! Advertisers will now look for different ways to reach their audience, but they definitely won’t give up.

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