Everett Ross Of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Will Appear In More Marvel Movies

Everett Ross Of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Will Appear In More Marvel Movies
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Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo’s “Captain America: Civil War” was proven to be a blockbuster hit even before it hit local cinemas. The film already achieved foreign box office in its first weekend with an astounding $200.2 million. This is why English actor Martin Freeman can’t get enough of the Marvel films.


Screen Rant reported that during the appearance of Freeman on the British television programme “The Graham Norton Show,” along with his Civil War co-star Paul Rudd, Freeman revealed that Marvel Studios has a detailed proposal for him and his character after “Captain America: Civil War.”

Freeman, who played Everett K. Ross in “Captain America: Civil War,” stated, “Please, God. Yeah. Yes, that’s the plan. It’s a fairly small role at this stage.”

According to Cinema Blend, even though Freeman portrayed a smaller character in the Civil War movie, his character would appear in more films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).  “I think my character will develop a bit more as I enter the Marvel world a bit more which seems to be happening,” the Emmy actor said.

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At this stage, if his character of a United States diplomat assigned to look over Wakanda is to come back, it will be more likely in director Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther.”

In other news, Digital Spy claimed the actor also discussed the possible opening date of BBC’s hit series “Sherlock Season 4.” The actor said that the show has been moved closer from a 2017 release to December of this year.  Freeman will play the character John Watson – Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick.

Freeman said, “We are back filming now and the three shows will, I imagine, be out around Christmas.”

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