‘Eve From Adam’s Penis’ Theory Resurfaces

‘Eve From Adam’s Penis’ Theory Resurfaces
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A hypothesis floated by an academic claiming that Eve was made from Adam’s penis has resurfaced. Christians continue to express their fury against the idea. As a result, the hypothesis continues to gain traction from news networks across the world.


In the book “What really Happened in the Garden of Eden” published in 2013, professor Ziony Zevit presents an idea that suggests God created Eve out of Adam’s penis. He argues that the Hebrew word “tsela” in the Old testament does not translate to “rib.” Hence, the popular interpretation of the Biblical story saying that God made Eve from Adam’s rib is wrong, he theorizes.

Zevit is a professor of Biblical Literature and Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures at the American Jewish University in California. His idea about Adam and Eve resurfaced in September 2015 in the article “Was Eve Made from Adam’s Ribs – or His Baculum?” published by the Biblical Archaeology Review.

Readers have since expressed strong objections against Zevit’s proposition. Elon Gilad, a journalist for Israeli newspaper Haaretz, was one among those who object to the idea that Eve comes from Adam’s penis. “While this makes an interesting hypothesis, it is very unlikely. For one, studying the verse in question, it is clear that God is taking something from Adam of which he has many: ‘And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof,” Gild wrote, quoting Genesis 2:21.

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Sue Glaze from Oakland, Maryland, wrote to the the Biblical Archaeology Review expressing disappointment about the magazine. She also wished to cancel her subscription. “That is plainly not a Bible teaching. I do not need and will not read articles that damage my faith or attempts to cause me to doubt what I know is the truth from the Bible,” Glaze wrote as reported by The Express.

Rev Randall Krabill asked, “How does Ziony Zevit’s article have anything to do with Biblical archaeology?” Rev Don Brubacher from Canada said Zevit’s theory is totally unconvincing, laughable and outlandish. He quoted Matthew 23:24, saying, “As jesus scathingly said: ‘You blind guides! You strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.'”

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  • roberthagedorn

    No more apple jokes, please. And no more ribs, barbecued or otherwise. Professor Zevit’s theory may not be in the right ballpark, but at least it’s in the right city, i.e. the theory deals with the correct subject matter, namely sex. Why is critical thinking about serious subjects so offensive and threatening, when such thinking increases our understanding by explaining maddening mysteries? For the solution to the maddening mystery this story discusses, type “first scandal” into the Google search bar, and go from there.

  • smarterboy13

    You’re trying to have a serious discussion about which of adam’s body parts eve was created from? Seriously? I’ll stick with the idea that creationism is a metaphor, and that the story of adam and eve is merely a parable about original sin (and a way for insecure “christian” men to explain how women are literally the root of all evil.)