ESPN Decides To Shut Down Grantland, Effective Immediately

ESPN Decides To Shut Down Grantland, Effective Immediately
Picture from Grantland

ESPN recently announced that it is shutting down the publication of Grantland, effective immediately. The sports network had said that it decided to do this so it can put greater focus on other projects that “have a broader and more significant impact across our enterprise.”


The Grantland website is still up and running, allowing visitors to access its archives. On the homepage, though, a simple message says it all: “It was a good run.” Following ESPN’s announcement, however, Grantland’s editor-in-chief took to Twitter to express his point of view on the shut down, stating, “Watching good/kind/talented people get treated so callously = simply appalling.”

Simmons had left Grantland last May after learning that the sports network had decided not to renew his contract as well as some of the staff’s. Moreover, Simmons told CNN Money he found out about the decision regarding his contract over Twitter. Nonetheless, he also said he may have seen that his time with the company was coming to an end as early as last year, following his suspension by ESPN after critical remarks he made about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during a podcast.

Following the decision, Simmons said the Grantland staff had grown fearful of the site’s future. A number of the site’s top staffers also left the online publication before it was shut down.

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Simmons and four of his top staffers are now working at HBO. Grantland had run for four years.