Erin Andrews Naked Video Case: Defense Argues Incident Good For Her Career

Erin Andrews Naked Video Case: Defense Argues Incident Good For Her Career
Our host for the evening, Erin Andrews! GCSC / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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On her second day at trial on Tuesday, Erin Andrews faced questions about how a naked video of her helps boost her career.


She faced questions under cross examination in her trial at Nashville regarding the growth of her professional career after the video, taken in Nashville’s Marriott hotel, was put up on the internet.

According to the Washington Post, Andrews was working for ESPN during the time she was in Nashville for a Vanderbilt football game. Michael D. Barrett, a former insurance executive, shot videos of Andrews through a peephole and uploaded them on the Internet. In 2009, Barrett pleaded guilty to a felony charge and was subsequently given a prison sentenced of 2.5 years. According to Andrews, Barrett was given her room information by the hotel.

Marriott International was initially included in Andrews’ $75 million lawsuit. However, it was dismissed by a Tennessee judge who said the hotel company was not culpable for the security at a franchisee. As a result, Andrews is now seeking damages from Barrett and the parent company of the hotel, Windsor Capital Group.

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During cross examination, lawyer for the hotel partners, Marc Dedman, asked, “With respect to your career… when you found out about this in July 2009, you were working for ESPN, right?” Dedman then went on to ask, “You got a second contract with ESPN, right? And it was a better contract than you had the first time, right? After that you got a contract with Fox Sports right? And that was a better contract than you had with your second contract with ESPN, right?”

Some of the endorsements Andrews received after the incident included TruBiotics, Reebok and Diet Mountain Dew. Dedman said that her “income has gone up substantially since this occurred.”

The Associated Press reports that Andrews said that the emotional distress as a result of the incident was not bearable, and that she will not be able to get over it. She said that when she checks into a hotel, she asks to change rooms. She even checks her room for hidden cameras and doesn’t allow anyone to come inside the room.

On Tuesday, giving a tearful narration, she said, “What happens when my kids come home from school and they’re like, ‘Mom, kids are saying you’re naked on the Internet.’ That’s something that’s always in my mind. And I’ll always have to tell my kids, ‘Mommy didn’t do anything wrong. This is why this happened. This is who is accountable for this. And this is why it happened.’”

As reported by the New York Daily News, the hotel said that the stalker is entirely responsible, saying that Barrett did not ask Andrews by name.

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