Enjoy ‘Pokemon Go’: ‘Harry Potter Go’ Impossible?

Enjoy ‘Pokemon Go’: ‘Harry Potter Go’ Impossible?
The Making of Harry Potter Dave Catchpole / Flickr CC

Did you think you would be hunting fantastic beasts instead of rare Pokemon all around the city? Sorry, “Pokemon Go” makers aren’t interested in making “Harry Potter Go” a reality!


It’s best that you make peace with the idea that you will never get to acquire a centaur or a ghoul or a three-headed dog just like you capture a “Pikachu” or a “Bulbasaur” now.

Despite the news that Niantic, the makers of the viral gaming app, “Pokemon Go”, have set their eyes on releasing a “Harry Potter” game next year, nothing like that is on the cards for now. It’s all a hoax!

Niantic is busy focusing all their energies on developing “Pokemon Go” to include more levels, Pokemon, and activities. All they can think of right now is expanding the network of the game to make it available in more countries so that more people all over the world can enjoy it.

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Harry Potter App Hoax

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It was natural for a demand for a Harry Potter game; akin to that of “Pokemon Go” to pop up due to the recent popularity of the latter and the fact that 8th installment of best-selling Harry Potter series hit the stores over the weekend.

Picking up on people’s fantasies, sites like HelloGiggles and UPROXX started spreading the hoax rumor that Niantic is planning to launch a Harry Potter game next year, which operates in a similar fashion and “Pokemon Go”, reports Gizmodo.

According to Tech Times, this fake rumor started when a site called JTHX News reported that the senior developer of Niantic, Marcus Figueroa had revealed in an interview with IGN that they have already bought the rights to develop a Harry Potter app, based on the gaming structure of “Pokemon Go”.

‘Pokemon Go’ Makers

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“If we are lucky we might see a launch by early 2017, but it’s hard to tell this early in the project,” Figueroa is quoted as saying in the interview on JTHX News.

The Hoax is so detailed that one only realizes that the whole thing is a pile of lies, only when one tries to Google the name “Marcus Figueroa”, or retrieves the interview between IGN and Niantic’s head.

As it turns out, Marcus Figueroa does not exist, and the link provided for the particular interview between IGN and Figueroa leads back to an error page.

Sorry Harry Potter fandom, “Pokemon Go” styled Harry Potter game is not on the horizon right now.

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