End Of The World Prophecy: US Fulfilling Apocalypse Prediction

End Of The World Prophecy: US Fulfilling Apocalypse Prediction
Temple of Baal Shamin, Palmyra, Syria oriana.italy / Flickr Public Domain 1.0

The U.S forces in Syria have encircled an isolated town and a stronghold of the jihadist group, ISIS—triggering the beginning of an Islamic apocalyptic battle.


Dabiq is a flat and barren town in Syria that does not play a crucial role in the geopolitical issue in the region, nor it did hold a significance in the ongoing battle between the Islam extremist group.

ISIS vs. US, Turkey Troops

It did, however, play a crucial role in the prophetic prediction that would put an end to the millennia-long battle between Christianity and Islam, the Express reported.

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The town of Dabiq has been identified as the exact area in Islam prophecy where the greatest battle that would determine the fate of the entire civilization will take place.

Now, the notorious group ISIS has positioned itself in this barren land willing and ready to fulfill the prophecy. But along with ISIS, the US-led forces in Syria are not taking chances as it also positioned and deployed troops to corner the group, in a battle that according to doomsayers, will be an ‘apocalyptic showdown’.

Decisive Battle Bet. Christianity and Islam

In preparation for this apocalyptic battle, ISIS has released a propaganda magazine urging more recruits to join its ranks. One of ISIS’ founders, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, paraded the Prophet Mohammad’s remark referring to the role of Dabiq in this battle.

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“The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify – by Allah’s permission – until it burns the crusader armies in Dābiq,” al-Zarqawi was quoted as saying by the Express.

According to a report from News.com.au, Dabiq would be the place where the decisive battle between Christianity and Islam will be fought. Now, Turkish-backed U.S forces have already positioned just a few kilometers away from this area, which has been ISIS’ stronghold ever since.

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